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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in one easy to read guide & 8 part video course...


Bitcoin used to be confusing. Not any more.  

Bitcoin can be difficult to understand. And what’s worse, most of the information out there just makes it more confusing.

This guide is changing that. Written specifically for beginners, it condenses two years of research into an in-depth and insightful 8 part video course and eBook that’s easy to follow.


This guide will help you:

  • Understand why Bitcoin is so revolutionary, and why it’s being called the future of money
  • Ignore all the fake news and see Bitcoin’s true potential
  • Understand the history of money and how Bitcoin could be the solution to our economic problems
  • Confidently and securely buy and store Bitcoin with the peace of mind that you’re doing it the right way
  • Be able to explain Bitcoin clearly to your family and friends

What`s Inside? “CryptoCurrency Secrets Video Series"

  • Video 1: What is Crypto Currency
  • Video 2: Types of Crypto Currency
  • Video 3: How to open an account
  • Video 4: Strategies to invest
  • Video 5: How to collect more Bitcoin
  • Video 6: Why buy Crypto Currency?
  • Video 7: Are there any drawbacks?
  • Video 8: The Future of Crypto Currency

As well as:

  • Our 96 page E-book: "How to get the Mind set of a Bitcoin Millionaire"                 
  • FREE Online Support

8 Video Modules & eBook!8 Video Modules & eBook!