2000W Mining 2U Single Channel Power Supply, 110-230V Ethereum PSU for 8 GPU ETH Miner Rig Case


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About high-power power supply
If the high-power power supply is suddenly cut off, it will take a while, at least 3 minutes, until the residual power of the large capacitor is discharged before restarting

2000-2500W Ming Power Supply

Voltage : 110V-230V(Can also be used at 240V)
Power: input ≥AC220V,output rated power 2500W,power efficiency 90%, output power 2500W*90%.
input =AC110V, output rated power 2000W, power efficiency 84% , output power 2000W*84%.
PFC Type: active PFC
10PCS power leads

Package Included:
1 x Power Supply
1 x Power Cord

【2000-2500W Mining Power Supply】 The mining power supply is mainly designed for cryptocurrency mining. The power supply has ten 6 pin power leads. Note: The power supply cannot be used for ASIC miners with protocols or software.
【Single channel PSU parameters】 The miner PSU can be used in 110V-230V. Input AC110V output rated power is 2000W. Input AC220V, the output rated power is 2500W. Power efficiency is 80% at 110V, Power efficiency is 90% at 220V. Please reasonably calculate the consumption of the GPUs, and reserve 300-400W for the motherboard and other cable consumption.
【Support 6-8 GPU graphics card】 Built in 60mm diameter cooling fan, with speed up to 12000 rpm, Which is conducive to heat dissipation. But the sound will be loud decibel: about 65-69 DB at no load. Support 8 PCS 3060TI/3070/6800/6800XT 6900/6900XT GPUs simultaneously. We recommend running 6 cards of 3080/3090 without overclocking the GPU.
【Package】 Include 1.2m power cord, cable tie, screw. Over voltage protection, overloading protection, short circuit protection.
【Service】 3 months warranty. To make the power supply have a longer life, it is recommended to clean the power supply fan frequently. If you have any question, just feel free to contact me.


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