Unistar Miner APW7 PSU for Litecoin and Dogecoin Miners(L3+, S9) Better Than APW3++,10 pin Connectors, FBA Shipping


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Price: $120.99 - $110.99
(as of Jul 24,2022 01:44:51 UTC – Details)

APW7(Bitmain) provides you best and professional bitcoin miner in the market so that you can easily mine any type of coin easily and safely,
Here are some features and benefits of our APW7:
⭐ Device status: never used, brand new
⭐ Deliver from: FBA
⭐ Deliver days:3-5 days
⭐ Easy to install
⭐ Easy to use
⭐ DC Voltage: 12.0V
⭐ Rated Current (Input 220V): 150A
⭐ Rated Power (input 220V): 1800W
⭐ Rated Current (Input 110V): 83.3A
⭐ Rated Power (input 110V): 1000W
⭐ Voltage Range:100-264V AC
⭐  43 decibels of noise
UniStar is a well-known brand in the world of cryptocurrency mining rigs and other related equipment. As a result of our in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements and desires, we created this product specifically for you. So, what are you waiting for? Place your purchase today and begin mining cryptocurrency immediately
[EXCELLENT AND RELIABLE POWER SUPPLY]: Bitmain APW7 power supply is the second generation of dedicated power supply for mining machines launched by Antminer. This power supply is an upgraded version of APW3++ and has many technological advancements compared to the previous generation.
[WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE]: The basic parameters of the power supply are printed on the side (model APW7 -12-1800-A3), and you can see that this power supply supports 110-220V ultra-wide voltage. 2 different current outputs, 110V voltage: 83.3A, rated power: 1000 Watt. 220V voltage: 150A, rated power: 1800Watt
[Professional miners and accessories supplier]Unistar is a professional miners and accessories supplier, please kindly contact us if you need any help.
[STRONG COMPATIBILITY]:The power interface adopts PCI-E, and most of the current mining machine power schemes adopt PCI-E scheme, so this power supply can be used for most mining machines.
[WARMING]:Before turning on the device, one Must pay attention to the connection between the product’s cable and the mining machine’s connection port. If the link is not firm, it will cause a short circuit of the power supply and cause a risk of fire.


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