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My name is Paul AKA: Bitmarque.


I`m a digital artist from Merseyside, England and have been involved in the

cryptospace for over five years now and became interested in 3D art about two years ago.

I am first and foremost a fan of all types of digital art. Secondly,  I have a huge admiration

for the many talented artists I’ve gotten to interact with through this website and social media.


I created my art for the NFT market, more importantly for my social followers and 

the community of people who want to get involved in the investment of NFT`s but 

don`t really know that much about how to do it.


I offer the opportunity for you to own a genuine original piece of 

digital art for a fraction of the cost of my competitors. Only a Bitmarque artwork 

has a guaranteed disclosed capped minted maximum to keep the supply 

low, increase demand and increase the value of your investment.


Make sure you join our mailing list to be informed of Bitmarques 

next artwork release 48hrs before we launch to the masses.


We launch on Mintable and only create two collections per year again. 

As you can appreciate with the pandemic we have held back with our launches 

for 2021.


Lockdown is due to be lifted here in the UK on July 19 we will be looking at 

launching one piece of digital art after that so please email us to join the 

list if you are interested and we will email you 48hrs before the launch.


Don`t worry, Bitmarque has been busy during this lockdown and we aim 

to still release two collections by the end of the year.


Join our list at: