“Protect Your Crypto Investments: Secure Your Seed Phrases with Double Notebooks and Fireproof Bag”- Cryptocurrency Recovery Phrase – Waterproof Password Keeper – Cold Wallet – Password Manager

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Product Description

Best Crypto Seed Phrase Storage Notebook – Safely Store and Protect Your Wallet and Password

Banner seed phrase storageBanner seed phrase storage

“Protect Your Cryptocurrency Funds with Confidence – The Ultimate Seed Phrase Storage Solution!”

Durable construction: the notebook is made with high-quality materials that are tear and water-resistant, ensuring the protection of seed phrases.Convenient size: the compact size of the notebook makes it easy to carry.Ease of use: the included pen allows for quick and easy writing of seed phrases.Optional fireproof bag: provides extra protection against fire.Unique and special design: elegant and sophisticated design makes it a great gift for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.Our cryptocurrency seed phrase storage notebook is the ultimate solution for safely organizing all your private passwords in one place. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, you can trust that your seed phrases, logins, and any passwords will be secure at all times. Whether you’re on the go or storing your phrases at home, this notebook is the perfect way to protect your crypto assets.

“Seed Phrase Storage Notebook for Cryptocurrency: Securely Store Up to 20 Crypto Wallets and Passwords with Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Stone Paper and Optional Fireproof Folder”

waterproof notebookwaterproof notebook

Waterproof Tear resistant Poket size Stores up to 20 seed phrases Manage your logins and passwords in one place Optional fireproof folder DO NOT EXPOSE THE NOTEBOOK TO THE SUN FOR LONG PERIODS OR IT MAY DETERIORATE 100% Offline

Keep your passwords safe and offline.

It is very important that under no circumstances save your seed phrases in any device connected to the internet, hackers can steal all your crypto assets, if they get your seed phrases

Store your Crypto seed phrases in a stone paper notebook Durable characteristics and contributing to the environment

Stone paper, also known as stone paper or limestone paper, is a type of paper that is made from crushed limestone or other minerals instead of trees. It is a type of alternative paper that is more respectful than traditional paper made from wood pulp, since it does not require the use of trees or water in its production.

Password manager

In this ultra resistant notebook it will help you to have all your passwords organized and free of catastrophes.

In addition to its 20 pages to save seed phrases, it has specific login pages and a manual encryption page to further increase security and make decryption impossible.

The packs include

Crypto seed Gift

Crypto seed Gift

Crypto seed phrase notebook

Crypto seed phrase notebook



Fireproof bags

Fireproof bags

“Impress with Crypto: Elegant Gift Box for Cryptocurrency Lovers”

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“Safe Crypto Storage: Durable Seed Phrase Notebook”

Are you looking for a secure and reliable way to store your cryptocurrency seed phrases? Then the best cryptocurrency seed phrase storage notebook is the solution you need. With its tear and water resistant construction, and the option to select a fire resistant bag for added protection, our laptop is the best way to protect your passwords and logins.

You can be sure that your opening phrases will be safe and secure at all times. You no longer have to worry about losing or damaging your seed phrases, or having them stored on digital media that can be vulnerable to hacking.

In conclusion, if you want to protect your cryptocurrency seedphrases in the best possible way, feel free to choose our cryptocurrency seedphrase storage notebook. With its durable construction a user-friendly design, we will be a worthwhile investment that will protect your funds forever.

Includes one or two notebooks depending on the pack you choose

“Effortless Crypto Recording: Seed Phrase Notebook with Included Pen(s)”

With the included pen, you can quickly and easily jot down your opening sentences, making sure you always have them close at hand when you need them.

Includes one or two pens depending on the pack you choose

“Maximize Crypto Security: Fireproof Bag for Seed Phrase Notebook”

Introducing the optional fireproof bag – the ultimate protection for your cryptocurrency seedphrases!

Want to take the security of your cryptocurrency seed phrases to the next level? Then our fireproof bag is the perfect addition to your seed phrase storage solution.

Our fire retardant bag is made from high-quality materials that provide maximum protection against fire, ensuring that your seed phrases will be safe even in the event of a disaster. With this optional accessory, you can have peace of mind knowing that your opening phrases are protected against the worst-case scenarios.

The Fire Bag is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling or storing your notebook at home, you can be sure your opening sentences will be safe with our fire-retardant bag.

You can be sure that your seed phrases will be fire protected at all times. Order yours today!

What pages do you include in the notebook?

Recovery Phrase

Recovery Phrase

Login Information

Login Information

Private Key

Private Key

Selebra encrypted

Selebra encrypted

Recovery Phrase

20 pages of recovery phrase

Login Information

15 login pages

Private Key

15 pages of private key

Selebra encrypted

15 pages of Selebra encrypted

Water resistant

Tear resistant

Fire resistant

Notebooks included
1 1 2

Fireproof bag included
NO 1 1

Pen included
1 1 2

Frequent questions

Question: Is this fire proof too?

Answer: The notebook itself is not fireproof.

But we understand the concerns of our customers, which is why we have included a fireproof folder in the superior packs. (You can find them by selecting the variant before buying it)

Question: Is this made of water proof stone paper?

Answer: Yes. The Selebra seed phrase notebook is made from water and tear resistant stone paper. For best results use a ball point pen to backup your recovery seed phrase and allow the ink to dry completely.

Question: In the option that includes 2 notebooks of recovery phrases are they identical?

Answer: Yes, the two included workbooks are identical and allow you to back up your seed phrase in two different locations for added security and to prevent total loss.

Question: Does the seed phrase notebook fit into a pocket?

Answer: Yes the size is 3.5” x 5” and can fit into most pants pockets and purses.


Language English Login pages Stores up to 15 logins Pages for seed phrases Store up to 20 wallets Selebra encrypted pages includes 15 pages that encrypt your passwords manually and 100% offline Cover material Waterproof stone paper Material of the pages Waterproof stone paper Other features Tear resistant Optional fireproof bag If you want to increase the security of your cryptocurrency notebook, you can choose the variant that includes a fire-resistant folder notebook measurements Our notebook is 14 x 9 cm, you can carry it in a pocket Two optional notebooks If you want to increase the security of cryptocurrency seed phrases and passwords, you can choose the variant that includes two stone paper notebooks, so you can give one to a person you trust the most and use it in case of extreme urgency.

💲 SECURITY FIRST: Store your passwords, IDs, usernames completely offline and protect them from hackers. As a recommendation, you can you can also purchase another notebook and give it to a completely trustworthy user.
🌊🔥 DISASTER RESISTANT: Our notebook is waterproof and tear-resistant as it is made from stone paper. You can purchase the most advanced packaging that includes a fireproof folder for important documents as an extra layer of protection.
🥇MANAGE ALL YOUR IMPORTANT PASSWORDS IN ONE PLACE: Our notebook includes 15 pages for login and double authentication for passwords and usernames , 15 pages for you to include your wallets, 15 pages with offline encryption to protect your money.
🤏 SMALL Our notebook fits perfectly in a pocket and can be carried discreetly as it measures 9 x 14 cm (3.5 x 5.5 inches)

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“Protect Your Crypto Investments: Secure Your Seed Phrases with Double Notebooks and Fireproof Bag”- Cryptocurrency Recovery Phrase – Waterproof Password Keeper – Cold Wallet – Password Manager
“Protect Your Crypto Investments: Secure Your Seed Phrases with Double Notebooks and Fireproof Bag”- Cryptocurrency Recovery Phrase – Waterproof Password Keeper – Cold Wallet – Password Manager
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