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All your questions answered


What is Bitmarque?

 Bitmarque is the world’s first truly insured custodian service for cryptocurrencies

Bitmarque provides a 100% cold storage solution combined with smart contracts and multi-sig approvals with proprietary deeper technological protection methods- which is 100% insured by a financial consortium thus providing that your holdings are both safe and insured when they are vaulted at Bitmarque.


How safe are my holdings?

 We use military-grade security protocols, cold storage and offline systems. Our systems are located in undisclosed locations worldwide and use multiple firewall and encryption protection layers. The multiple approval system means we never, at any point in time, have full access to your stored digital assets without your consent.


How does Bitmarque protect my digital assets?

 Our security protocols are military-grade, and we have constructed a technological solution that provides the best available security and encryption protocols. We use smart contracts, combined with physical vaults in geographically scattered locations for secure and safe storage.


What cryptocurrencies can I deposit?

 Bitcoin and Litecoin. Other types of cryptocurrencies are also supported, please contact us directly with the token type needed.


 How much does it cost me?

 One time joining fee, fee-per-month, bank transaction fee from Crypto to fiat. You are welcome to contact us or to leave a message and we will then contact you with a price proposal. We believe the value of your peace of mind is priceless.


Do you use hot wallets?



Can I Join without a recommendation?

 It is possible but there are a few criteria that would have to be met for us to consider you, please contact us directly for more information.